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Expilab Research provided my client with a one-stop solution for programming and running behavioral science experiments for research purposes. They provided high-quality services and saved us time. It has been great to work with Expilab’s team. I highly recommend them.

Testimonial Steve Shu
Steve Shu
Principal Consultant

Research Solutions

We provide organizations, governments and businesses with customized, client-focused and actionable solutions to open doors, find new opportunities and improve performance by overcoming consumer experience challenges

Behavioral Audit

Obtain analysis of choice structures, decision processes & framings faced by your consumers in an actionable report format

Behavioral Experiments & Simulations

Implement your behavioral experiments using Expilab’s online platform as well as test new products & process improvements using realistic decision simulators without putting at risk your existing customers

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Choice Architecture
(Nudge Design)

Help your customers make better decisions by improving your choice structures, processes & framings

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Advertising &

Refine & test your messages for relevant decision contexts, boosting consumer's motivation to pay attention and act

Innovation &
Product Development

Discover unmet needs, optimize product/service features and find ways to engage consumers through collaborative & creative approach

Web-development &
UX/UI Redesign

Optimize and redesign of our current UI/UX using our professional web-development team

We do try much harder to provide excellent service
to our clients & partners compared
to the larger marketing research companies


we use originate from

Behavioral Economics, Social Psychology and JDM Sciences

Behavioural Experiments

Experiments help decision-makers to explore and test actual decisions, preferences and choices people make rather than relying on self-reports where people say what they would do or choose

Traditional Surveys

Scientifically valid survey instruments that use pre-tested & reliable scales provide accurate, consistent & affordable measures of consumers' attitudes, preferences, opinions & intentions

Design & run your online experiments using Expilab’s platform for programming behavioral experiments

Leverage experience of Expilab’s academic research team to construct & run your survey studies

Lab & field controlled experiments
Experiments using simulated/replicated online decision environments
Neuromarketing tools (eye-tracking incl. proxy tools & emotion recognition)
Design, programming and statistical analysis
Access to 50 million consumer panel across 80+ countries
Use of reliable & pre-tested scales and questions

Also get Expilab’s support with business challenges that require use of
mixed-methods research; where solutions to these challenges cannot be found by
qualitative or quantitative approaches alone

We can help your organization understand & measure
consumers’ preferences, attitudes and behaviors

Tools & Tests

provided to our clients

get scholarly support with choosing appropriate combination of practical consumer tests & measures

Consumer Preferences / Conjoint Analysis

Get Expilab’s support with testing consumer preferences using various conjoint analysis methods using relevant decision context & settings. Obtain actionable recommendations for segmentation, positioning, new product development, promotion & pricing.

Attitudes: Beliefs, Feelings and Intentions

Choice of promotional & communication strategy depends on the understanding of current attitudes toward (beliefs about; feelings about and intentions about) your product or brand. Measure consumer belief evaluations, feelings and intentions to start building attitude change strategies.

Willingness-To-Pay Measurement

Leverage Expilab’s experience with online tools for measuring consumer’s willingness-to-pay for existing or new products or services. Use better understanding of the demand and price elasticity to improve product planning decisions and overall profitability across different customer segments

Nudges: Online Testing

Don’t want to risk by using your current customers for field testing new online decision nudges? There are other challenges to organize field tests online? Try our digital platform that allows testing your nudges embedded into carefully replicated online environment of your organization

Comprehension-Motivation Test

Needless to say that consumers should understand the marketing message and how it translates to intentions to act upon call for action. Use practical Comprehension-Motivation analysis to understand what consumers have learned and how it translates into consumers motivation.

Information Recall

Improve effectiveness of your marketing communications by learning how much and what your consumers recall from your product or brand communication. Fine-tune your marketing communications to increase consumer recall of the key messages, brand or experiences.

Brand Association Mapping

Consumer associations with brands influence not only their attitudes toward brands but also their behavior. Use our tool (multidimensional implicit association test - mtIAT) to measure strength of your brand associations vs. competing brands to fine-tune brand development strategy.

Attention & Information Search

Learn what captures consumer's attention (using eye-tracking or affordable attention capturing proxy tools) both in marketing communication and at a point-of-sale/e-store, how & what they search for when selecting among alternatives to improve path-to-purchase.

Behavioral Economics, Social Psychology and JDM Sciences

Testing Consumer Behavior & Choices Using

Realistic Decision Environments

Use of simulated/realistic decision environments in behavioral experiments improves understanding of human behavior in the natural decision settings
without putting at risk your existing customers

Retail Banking , Financial Products , Insurances , Healthcare

Tourism & Travel , Online Gambling , Product Comparison

Test Changes & Interventions in Realistic Environment

Our digital research platform allows replication of any online environment to ensure proposed behavioural interventions work properly in their natural settings


Get Full Range of Behavioural Measures & Tools

explore attention with heatmaps (NEW)

learn about behaviour with interactive tools

get seamless integration into existing software

benefit from rigorous measurement methods

leverage high realism for immersive experiences

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Expilab is a specialized behavioral research company built by academics that provides practical tools & marketing research solutions aimed to understand & influence consumer behavior