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We combine business experience with scientific capabilities to uncover effective practical solutions for big & small business using field trials and behavioural experiments

What behaviours & attitudes you want to change?

Not a simple question, right? We use field trials & digital experiments to generate behavioural insights on why people behave the way they behave

Behavioural experiments

Field tests & trials

Laboratory experiments

Mixed-method research

Digital interventions are based on

Nudges, Choice Architecture & Heuristics


Our framework to design digital interventions


Use of defaults and simplification procedures to remove frictions

Salience & Emotions

Optimize decision framing, make it personal, and/or engage emotions


Focus on individual motivation and incentives that work


Engage social norms, reciprocity
and personal commitment


Make people act at the right
moments & provide feedback

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Enjoy Benefits of Our Digital Research Platform

Generating behavioural insights and designing digital interventions is much easier now with our dedicated research platform

Test Nudges in Realistic Environment

Our digital research platform allows replication of any online environment to ensure proposed behavioural interventions work properly in their natural settings


Get Full Range of Behavioural Measures & Tools

explore attention with heatmaps (NEW)

learn about behaviour with interactive tools

get seamless integration into existing software

benefit from rigorous measurement methods

leverage high realism for immersive experiences

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Expilab Research provided my client with a one-stop solution for programming and running behavioral science experiments for research purposes. They provided high-quality services and saved us time. It has been great to work with Expilab’s team. I highly recommend them.

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Steve Shu
Principal Consultant


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