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Web-Based Economic Experiments

Complete & ready-to-use (bespoke) solutions for Economists & Social Scientists interested in Economic Experiments

We specialize on programming & running complex economic games or market simulations (we can implement simple games as well!) that can be played Online or in your lab

Auctions (Common & Private Value Auctions, Multi-Round)

Bargaining games (Trust Games, Ultimatum, Principal/Agent)

Lottery choice

Coordination games

Public good experiments


Looking for participants?

100+ countries

Access to 100M participants

Stratification & Targeting

We approached Expilab Research to create an online experiment for simultaneous international participants. Expilab was consistently helpful, generous and supportive throughout.

Testimonial Tse-Ling Teh
Tse-Ling Teh
Research Officer

by outsourcing technical aspects

No more “Do-It-Yourself” troubles! Avoid programming hassles with experimental designs that are challenging or time consuming to implement using existing tools like z-Tree or similar. We take care of that.

What else can you get from our web-based platform for Economic Experiments?

Randomized Control Trials (RCT)

RCT experimental protocols of any complexity

Video Streaming, Audio & Graphics

Embed any Interactive content & multimedia

None-linear & complex logic

Within-treatment, -page & -stimuli logic

Online Panels Integration

Go Online, beyond the lab walls (mTurk, Prolific Etc.)

Decision process-tracing

Mouse-tracking & activity recording + Heatmaps

Survey integration & more

Embed treatments into existing tools & systems

It is very secure & easy to learn more.

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Have a SONA system in your lab?


Easy integration & setup with SONA-Systems or any other online survey management systems in your labs

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Web-Based Economic Experiment
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Web-Based Economic Experiment
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Online platform for running economics experiments & market simulations for social scientists