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Finally, Expilab project found its new and an independent home. From now on we are a new organization that inherited the team, the knowledge and expertise from Behavioral and Experimental Research group at Gravitas Research. We are saying great thanks to the Gravitas Research and its team. It is our Alma mater! You know that we grew up and now we are ready to sail under our own sails. Thanks for pushing us out of the nest! So, now Yan, Alex^3, Andrew and myself are the Expilab crowd.

When thinking about those 5 years with Gravitas Research, all of us are thinking about the same – our first “big” experimental research project. This project was NHS Choices that we did together with IESE Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science and The King’s Fund. It was an amazing experience that gave a possibility to enter the big world of behavioral research running both laboratory and online experiments at Behavioral Research Lab (BLR) at LSE and with Maximilies panels. If you are interested, you can read more about this project here.

It is really a cool moment for us here at Expilab and here is why it is cool for us. Last year Expilab as a project achieved quite a remarkable level.  Only last year:

  • 2 large scale online experiments done for European Commission
  • People from 13 EU member states took part in the experiments we conducted
  • More than 30,000 people entering our behavioral experiments
  • 4 laboratory experiments with more than 1500 people
  • Developed 2 new online environments including a fully-functional online gambling environment

Now, about the future. Since we are a much smaller team now, we are more easy-going and flexible. With our new website (kudos to Alex) it is really simple to get in touch with us (here… here… or even in the top menu “Fast contact”). We are also on Google+, Twitter, LiveJournal, and Skype.

This blog is our collective space we invite you to comment or share your content related to behavioral research and experiments, new research methodologies or ideas that may be crowdfunded.

Though it is the first post, lets see how we move further.

20 May 2014

Andrew Ivchenko
Andrew Ivchenko

I design behavioral strategies that enable businesses, public agencies and NGOs to reach their goals and objectives challenged by modern consumer behavior and digitalization. I employ tools & methods of behavioral economics and field experimentation to develop effective practical solutions that explore causal relationships and are evidence-based (factual). Google+ | Twitter

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