Testing CO2 / Car labelling options and consumer information

Client: European Commission (DG CLIMA)

Delivered by:

Subcontractor: Expilab Research

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Aim of the project was to experimentally test effectiveness of car ecological and CO2 labels including car labels included into promotional materials such as informational banners typically used by automotive manufacturers. Particular focus was given to testing alternative car labels that inform and raise awareness of potential car buyers about CO2 emissions, car fuel efficiency, and vehicle running costs. Alternative car labels were designed introducing new types of the informational content and layouts.

The study has included preliminary survey, 2 laboratory and 1 large pan-European online experiments. Experiments were designed, programmed and executed with the support Expilab team. During experiments the range of new dynamically created CO2 and eco car labels were tested using a database of 500 cars available for virtual purchase to participants across 10 EU member-states.


Sample experimental conditions including process-tracing

  • Large number of car labels designs to be tested for traditional cars, hybrids and electric vehicles
  • Random sampling from 500 car database
  • Multi-language and localization of treatments for 10 EU member-states
  • Dynamic generation of graphically rich car labels and pseudo promotional materials
  • Integration of decision process-tracing tools
  • Fractional-factorial design of laboratory and online experiments
  • Integration of decision process-tracing tools for traditional car labels and pseudo promotional materials
  • Automated generation of dynamic vertical (traditional), horizontal, German and UK car labels for any vehicle
  • 500 lab and 10000+ online participants, 10 EU member-states
  • Efficiency of existing and new car labelling approaches was assessed and policy recommendations provided.
  • Easy scalable experimental environment for testing energy efficiency / CO2 labelling for any type of products has been created and successfully tested

Final report "Testing CO2 / Car labelling options and consumer information" published by European Commission (DG CLIMA) on can be downloaded using the links below

Final report - Testing CO2/Car labelling options and consumer information

Testing CO2/Car labelling options and consumer

by Codagnone C., Bogliacino F. & Veltri G.

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Appendix 2

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