Video: Highlights of Prof. Uri Gneezy Talk in Barcelona, 2014

Video: Highlights of Prof. Uri Gneezy Talk in Barcelona, 2014

For those who found interesting the post about Prof. Uri Gneezy talk @Barcelona (read here), you may also watch highlights of the talk in a 5 minute video prepared by Barcelona GSE.

Hear from Prof. Gneezy himself about decision-making incentives from the behavioral research studies using examples of Netflix, local gym, a daycare, and Holland’s “lotteries with regret”.

Video courtesy: Barcelona GSE


Uri Gneezy is Renown scholar in individual decision-making and behavioral economics fields the Epstein/Atkinson Endowed Chair in Behavioral Economics and Professor of Economics & Strategy at the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego

The Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, commonly referred to as Barcelona GSE, is an independent institution of research and graduate education located in Barcelona, in Catalonia, Spain.

Banco Sabadell is the fourth-largest banking group funded by private Spanish capital. It includes several banks, brands, subsidiary and holding companies spanning the whole range of financial business.

Also check some of our behavioral experiments that we did together with our partners for European Commission on Tobacco warning labels, Testing CO2/Car labelling options and Online gambling nudges.

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13 Aug 2014

Andrew Ivchenko
Andrew Ivchenko

I design behavioral strategies that enable businesses, public agencies and NGOs to reach their goals and objectives challenged by modern consumer behavior and digitalization. I employ tools & methods of behavioral economics and field experimentation to develop effective practical solutions that explore causal relationships and are evidence-based (factual). Google+ | Twitter

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