About us

We are a young team of professional market researchers, behavioral scientists and computer science engineers who aim to provide the best possible service in programming & conducting (and designing) behavioral experiments in social sciences, consumer research, and public policy-making. Because Expilab is a specialised technological partner with a record in designing, programming and conducting complex behavioral experiments for research grants funded by Chafea/EAHC and others, our team is focused on bringing extra strengths to your research network.

We create or replicate any online environments from search engines, web-stores, showrooms, healthcare portals, social networks to fully-functional and realistic online gambling websites.

We specialize on the complex realistic designs for behavioral experiments that no one else can do!

What people say about us

We found Expilab very helpful and approachable. They helped us design complex online experiments and continued to be supportive throughout the project. We would happily use them again!

Testimonial Dr. Tammy Boyce
Dr. Tammy Boyce
The King's Fund

Expilab has worked with us at the LSE Behavioural Research Lab to manage some of the biggest experiments we have conducted, which has helped strengthen the research capabilities of the LSE. Their experimental solutions provided us with full flexibility for our research designs, easily integrated into our existing systems, was simple to run and administer and was delivered on time.

Testimonial Jamie Moss
Jamie Moss
London School of Economics & Political Science

Expilab Research provided my client with a one-stop solution for programming and running behavioral science experiments for research purposes. They provided high-quality services and saved us time. It has been great to work with Expilab’s team. I highly recommend them.

Testimonial Jamie Moss
Jamie Moss
Allianz Global Investors

Contact Information

c. Santa Magdalena Sofia 6, desp. 3-3, Barcelona, 08034, Spain
+34 638 481 451